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What is Radiant Barrier?

Radiant Barrier is an insulation material that reflects heat instead of absorbing and delaying its transfer like foam or fiberglass. Radiant Barrier was perfected by NASA to keep astronauts from freezing or frying while in space. Because Radiant Barrier reflects heat, it never loses its effectiveness and rarely needs to be replaced once properly installed.

Where is Radiant Barrier commonly used?

Radiant Barrier is commonly used in a residential attic, either stapled to the rafters or laid over existing insulation. Radiant Barrier can also be used as a housewrap, over decking underneath shingles, and in metal buildings. Radiant Barrier also blocks Radio Frequency (RFID) signals for use in SCIF applications.


How much can Radiant Barrier save me?

Radiant Barrier reflects 95-97 percent of the radiant heat trying to enter or exit your structure. The Department of Energy estimates consumers can save up to 50 percent on their cooling costs in the summer and up to 10 percent of their heating costs in the winter with proper installation.

What Radiant Barrier products are available?

Radiant Barrier foil is ideal for use in attics, as housewrap or underneath shingles. RB Shields Me also has a "bubble" reflective insulation for metal buildings, barns and outdoor sheds. The "bubble" reflective insulation can also be used for a garage door kits, attic stair covers, and food delivery.   


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