RBSM's Reflective Insulation

Reduces Energy Consumption

The sun's radiant energy waves bombard residential homes and commercial buildings, necessitating the need for insulation. RBSM's Reflective Insulation returns 95 percent of the radiant heat back to its source, keeping heat out of structures in the summer and preventing heat from dissipating in the winter. DOE studies concluded that RBSM's Reflective Insulation can save up to 50 percent in utility costs.

Radiant energy travels through space in wavelengths

The sun's energy waves travel through space, enter the Earth's atmosphere and pass through solid objects. Traditional insulation like foam or fiberglass delay this transfer of heat in or out of a structure. RBSM's Reflective Insulation reflects heat like a mirror back to its source.

Radiant heat always equalizes with cold

If a structure is air conditioned, radiant heat tries to equalize with the cooler termperature. If a structure is heated, radiant heat tries to equalize witrh the outside colder temperature. RBSM's Reflective Insulation prevents radiant heat from entering a cooler structure or leaving a warmer one.

What is the R-value?

R-value measures how long it takes radiant heat to go through a material. The higher the R-value, the longer it takes heat to enter a structure. RBSM's Reflective Insulation reflects 95 - 97 percent of the radiant heat, rendering 'R-value' meaningless.

Examples of Residential Reflective Insulation installations

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