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RFID, Heat, Thermal Imaging

Recommended RFID Products

Every RBSM RFID Barrier product reflects 99 percent of RFID frequencies and 95-97 percent of Thermal and Radiant Heat signatures.

• RFID Foam Barrier is the most attractive and appeals to high-end retail establishments where looks matter.

• RFID Bubble Barrier is an excellent mid-grade option that combines attractiveness with functionality.

• RFID Foil Barrier is the most cost effective material for price conscious consumers.

RFID Barrier Installation Examples

RBSM RFID Barriers are installed on walls that separate the retail showroom from the back ware, in attics to reflect 95 - 97 percent of the radiant heat, and in delivery vehicles to lower the cargo bay temperature 22-28 degrees. RFID Barriers come in various configurations: reflective RFID Barrier material on one or both sides and does not have to be visible to be effective.

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