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Reflective Insulation, commonly known as “radiant barrier,” keeps astronauts and space travelers from being burned to a crisp by the sun's radiant heat or frozen to death from the lack of it. On Earth, its properties have almost unlimited applications, including:

Energy Savings and Efficiency

Reflective Insulation blocks 95-95 percent of the sun’s energy waves, reducing energy consumption to keep cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Reflective Insulation can lower a structure’s AC bill by up to 50 percent, according to the DOE. To Learn More, click here.

Inventory Management

RFID scanners are used in retail settings to quickly scan inventory on display in the show room. A form of radiant barrier isolates RFID wavelengths to prevent items in the receiving docks from being counted.


Reflective Insulation protects animals and plants from harmful radiant energy waves. Facilities with Reflective Insulation spend less on commodities - food, medicine and water - and experience less losses due to illness.

Worker Health

The sun’s radiant energy waves adversely affect humans. Extreme heat negatively impacts worker productivity through physical and mental fatigue, increased likelihood of injury, poor decision-making and in extreme cases, death. Reflective Insulation reflects harmful solar energy waves.

Military Surveillance

While many of Reflective Insulation's military applications remain classified, the material has be used to “hide” soldiers and weapons from RFID drones or Thermal Imaging heat sensors. RFID can "read" tagged objects, including chip-enabled credit cards. Thermal Imaging measures heat signature. Electromagnetic waves cause stress to individuals and meat producing animals. Reflective Insulation blocks all these invisible frequences.

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